Limit the Use of My Sensitive Personal Information

We use the following sensitive personal information to provide you with products and services and other uses approved by the CCPA: Bank or other financial account number, Contents of mail, email or text messages, Tax ID number, Social security number, Driver's license number, State ID card number, Racial or ethnic origin, Health insurance or medical ID number, Military ID number, and Sleep, health, or exercise data

In some cases, we may use this information to infer characteristics about you. In the course of doing so we may disclose your sensitive personal information to our service providers and/or contractors. You have the right to limit our use of your sensitive personal information to uses that are necessary to provide you with products and services. To exercise your right, submit a request below. A consumer or their authorized agent may instead submit a Request to Limit via email to moc.klimyriadnegel@ycavirp.